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Gillen photographed this man 'Moolpoomoornicka' in 'AP1190' Spencer records this man as Finke Harry or Mulpumurnika and is credited with singing on the La’ lira song (with Alec Oknapit-chilika) and the Snake totem of Akiltcha with Jim Kite or 'Erli-killi-kurra.' (Pitt Rivers Museum Box 7, item 3a. Spencer’s 1901 journal) Singer on 1901 sound recordings. Song relating to the ‘Great Snake of Okiltjia’ and the 'laylira' song with another man named Okne-pit-chilika. Possibly the man referred to in Gillen's Anthropology notebook volume three (09G473) page 340. In this notebook the man, from Charlotte Waters, is referred to as Mulpumurnida, a purula man married to a purula woman named Aranityika. As this name is very similar to that recorded by Spencer at Charlotte Waters it is assumed they are one and the same person. When interviewed by Alan West in 1968 Mick Mclean identified this man in Spencer film of the Kangaroo ceremony for Eltinta.Transcript tfrom this interview reads: A.W: Now Mr. McLean and I have just watched the kangaroo ceremony performed at Charlotte Waters on movie film reel number one. One of the most interesting things is that Mr. McLean recognized the sole – the sole- performer in the ceremony. Mr. McLean what was the name of the man. You said he was called Harry - his English name – the man who was dressed up as the kangaroo and who did the dance so well. What was his Aboriginal Arrernte name? M.M: Mulpurmurnika A.W: And did you know him well? M.M: I know him well, yes. I know him well. A.W: He was of course a kangaroo dreaming. Was he a boss of the dreaming? M.M: Yeah. A.W: And what… He was a Southern Arrernte man was he? M.M: Yeah. A.W: What was he? M.M: Perrurle.

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Skin Name
Alternate Names
  • Moolpoomoornicka
  • Finke Harry
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