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Anthropology Volume III

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Volume Three. Anthropology Notes. FJG.


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Volume Three. Anthropological Notes

Page 317

Class System of Illeeora Tribe
Who adjion Arunta on North Eastern boundary and run due north to Frew River touching the Eastern boundaries of the Ilpirra, Kytiche and Warramunga.

Intermarry same as Arunta
Class names

Illeoorra terms

Arunta Equivalents

Marriage ceremony - operation on girl is performed by Ipmunna man & those having rights of access at the ceremony are Ipmunna Unkulla Ockilja Eleeya & Unawa - the husband does not attend or take part in the ceremony.

Page 322

Class system of the adjoining Warramunga

Page 323

Bingongina tribe North Eastern boundary

Page 340

Case of Mulpumurnika & Aranityika
Purula man and woman living together at Charlotte Waters for many years as husband and wife. These two were tribally brother and sister but according to our terms of relationship - cousins, the mothers of the pair were half sisters in blood being from the one mother.

Note: Men speak only with women who are Unawa, Meeya, Uwinna, Umba, Ungerial, Unkulla & apula. Talking with or looking at women who are Mura, Ipmunna or Queteeya is forbidden - Erlearinja.

Page 349

Nov 12 96
Achilpa wanderings
Association of Achilpa with other Totems
Nov. 18. 96 Ulpmerka

Page 351

Nov 18
Unjeamba Women seeing Churinga
Wanderings of irriakurra
Unjeama women
Pigeon women

Page 353

Quantumba woman
Wanderings of Achilpa (E)
Opossum women

Page 355

Achilpa wanderins
Okruncha & Okirra
Unjeamba woman & Nurtunja
Western Wanderings of Achilpa

Page 359

Trees at Imanda
“Blind Stones”

Page 363

Engwurra Ceremonies
Quabarra Untjitjera of Imanda
Quabarra Achilpa of (N)
Quabarra Ulpmerka of Quiurnpa

Page 365

Quabarra Untjitjera of Imanda
Quabarra Ingwurninga Achilpa
Quabarra (Aruntwinya) Unjeamba of Erlweerlwa
Quabarra Erlea of Ilkaia
Quabarra Untjitjera of Imanda
Quabarra Unjeamba of Unchiperawartua

Page 367

Quabarra Unjeamba of Narpipa
Nov. 12.96

Page 369

Nov. 12.96 7am Quab. Ulpmerka of Qui-urnpa
1.pm. Unjeamba of Erlweerlwa

Page 375

Nov.13. Friday
3pm Quabarra Arruntwinya Irritcha of Undoolya

Page 377

5.pm. Quabarra ['Unjeamba' crossed out] Achilpa of Ooraminna

Page 379

Nov.14.96 Quabarra Achilpa of Urrapitchera
Ininja of Ullakuppera

Page 381

Nov.15. Sunday
9am. Brought in Echunpa Churinga. Examined and polished them. A messenger had been sent for them on the previous evening by the alaartunja of the Unchalka (little grub) who had custody of the churinga at the other side of Mt Undoolya.
Laid on shields etc. Examined and rubbed with ochre by the old men. Then whispered conference between alaart. of Unchalka & others especially with the alaart of Udnirringita after which Unchalka alaart got up & retired to the outer edge of the group & the son of the Emily Gap alaart was called up & thus two old Udnirringita alaart whispered to him about the meaning of the churinga. (Before this the old men had whispered together as to who was to perform the next ceremony which was concerned with certain of the churinga brought in).
The Echunpa had lived at Mt Undoolya but were now extinct. The Unchalka man also lives in the adjoining territory and was Nakrakia with the echunpa men took custody of the churinga & posessions of the country. Sambo having now arrived at [??] of discretion was to have the churinga handed over to him.
The old ocknirrabata embraced sam. Sam rubbed his hands on the head of the ocknirribata before the latter embraced him & then he rubbed his head on the stomach of the ocknirrabata. Then the ock. came across &

Page 383

rubbed his forehead against the stomach of the alaart. of Unchalka who had had custody of churinga & also against an old man of the okira totem (okira totem adjoined Echunpa).
Then Echunpa ceremony began to be performed. Singing about walking of Echunpa.

Quabarra Echunpa of Mt Undoolya

Page 385

Nov 16 96
Quab. Okiraia (quatcha) of Idracowra.

Page 393

Nov. 18. 96
Quab Ulpmerka of Quiurnpa

Page 395

Quabarra Interpitria (Fish) of Urratinga

Page 397

Quabarra Ulpmerka of Quiurnpa
Quabarra Irriakurra of Oknirchumpatana (Soda Creek)

Page 399

Quabarra Akakia of Iliakilia (Waterhouse Range)

Page 407

Quabarra Orruncha of Kulparra (near Deep Well)

Page 411

Nov 22.Sunday 1896 11am Qubarra Orruncha of Chauritji

2.30pm. Quabarra (Arunturnia) Unjeamba of Aper-na-un-

Page 413

5pm Quabarra (Arunturnia) Unjeamba of Urthipata

Page 415

Nov.23. Monday
Quabarra Irriakurra of Umbanj jura Urltunda

Page 417

Nov.24. Tuesday 3am Quabarra Anchipera of Imanda

6am Quabarra Untjitjera of Imanda

2pm Quabarra Ambaquerka of Qui-urnpa

Page 419

Nov.25.96. Wed.
5 pm Quabarra Achilpa of Therierita

Nov 26. Tursday.
12 noon. Quabarra Unjeamba of Ooraminna
1.30 pm Quabarra Anthinna of Ari murla

Page 421

Wandering of Achilpa
Nov. 27. Friday

Page 429

Quabarra Unjeamba of Ooraminna
11 pm Quab. Orrunchertwa of Imanda

Page 431

Nov.29. Sunday 1896 2.am. Quab. Achilpa of Arribera

5 am Quab. Untjutjera of Imanda

2 pm Quabarra Ulpmerka of Quiurnpa

6 pm Quab. Ulpmerka of Quiurnpa

Page 433

11 pm Quab. Elkintera of Imanda
Nov. 30. Monday. 1896. 5.30pm. Quab.Unjeamba of Ooraminna

Page 435

1 pm. Ulpmerka of Kuiquia (other side of Bond Springs)
Dec 1. Tuesday 1896 5 am Okirra of Antiana
6 pm Quabarra Untjitjera of Imanda
11pm Quab. Achilpa of Urapitchera

Page 437

Dec 2. Wed. 1896

1.30 pm Quab. Achilpa of Illamurta

Quabarra Ulpmerka of Quiurnpa

Quab. Untjitjera of Imanda

Page 439

11.30 pm Quab. Achilpa of Therierita
Dec 3 Thursday
1 pm Quab. Ingwurninga Chinkinja

Page 441

6 pm Quab. Erlea of Inchipitria

Dec 4. Friday . 1896
11am Quab. Irrapunga (fish) of Awutunga

11 pm. Quab.Erlea of Erpulka (the other side of Erldinda)

Page 443

Dec.5. Saturday, 1896
Quab. Unjeamba of Ooraminna
Dec 6. Sunday .1896
5.30 pm Quab. Okiria of Antiana

Page 445

Dec 7. Monday
5 am Quab. Okiria of Antiana
5.30 pm Quab. Achilpa of Ungurttia
11.30 pm Quab. Quiria of Parchinta

Dec. 8. Tuesday 1896
5.30 pm Quab. Achilpa of Arapera

Page 447

Dec. 9. 1896
6pm Quab. Ulpmerka of Quiurnpa

Page 453

Dec 10. Thursday
Quiet day in camp

Dec 11. Friday
6pm. Quabarra Untjitjera of Imanda

Page 467

Ceremonies of Initiation amongst Arunta at Cer

Page 485

Legend of Erkincha disease commonly called Yirakincha

Page 486

T.K. 17.4.97
Note by Dr. Eylmann on "The cave is 15 mileswest from the Taylor Creek elbow at the end of the Crawford Range in the high steep sandstone bank of a small creek. It is 1m 10cm high 2m 50cm wide & 4m 80cm deep. The bottom is covered with a bit of sand and pieces of charcoal - The ceiling is blackened by smoke - Oppostie the cave in the bed of the Creek is a small rock hole which never gets dry because a spring is at the bottom of it - A little further up the creek are some more rockholes - most of the drawings are outside of the cave on the smooth sandstone, close to the inlet, inside only some little circles - All drawings are painted on area ground (artificial) with a white or black pigment - Besides the drawings near and in the cave there are traces of old ones in the neighbourhood of the other rock holes, thus place must be a favourite camping ground [?] dry season because I saw many old fireplaces, huts [?] & broad path leading to the rock holes. [?] the hand of the half caste big This skin disease dots not much differ from that of the Lubras at your Station. The skin is only a little more cracked on [?] of working I heard of Mr Scott that he con[?] some Physicians about it when he was with this boy in Adelaide but none of them could tell him what disease it is. I think that this overgrowth of the epidermis of the hands is an [?] disease.


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