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Letter from A. W. Howitt to W. B. Spencer: 2/08/1902

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02.08.1903. From A. W. H. (in Sydney) to B. S. He thanks B. S. for condolences on death of his wife – written on mourning paper.

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Correspondence with Alfred William Howitt


Letter from A. W. Howitt to W. B. Spencer: 2/08/1902 - Page 1

The “Grosvenor Hotel”
Sydney 2nd Aug 1903

My dear Spencer
In this deep sorrow which has come upon us your sympathy has been very precious and I should have written to you before but I felt too sad to do so. The shock of this news which came suddenly to [. . .] here through the telephone was almost more than I could bear but I see now that it was better that it should have been where it was instead of here or elsewhere. It was caused by failure of the heart and none of us knew nor did my dear wife I am sure suspect that death might come at any moment. She was staying a few days with our second daughter’s Mrs. E G Whitakers and our third daughter Mrs Anderson was with her

Letter from A. W. Howitt to W. B. Spencer: 2/08/1902 - Page 2

She was going into her bedroom with them when she fell back as if not [. . .] and never recovered consciousness. She had been with me here for two months and went back to get our house at Metung ready for my return. While here I was very much occupied that she went about very much alone – as well as returning to Melbourne by herself. It is too terrible to think of what her death would have been to us all if it had occurred at such a time. I tell you all this my dear friend because I not only fully appreciate your kind remarks about our personal relations but because I reciprocate them. I am glad that you have told me and for the future shall feel that I have acquired a new and dear relative.
I expect to be in Melbourne about the thirteenth and wish very much to see you. We can arrange a meeting as I shall be two or three days before I go to Bairnsdale, which will now be my home. May and I are now going to finish my book – with the least possible delay.
May and Maude are here with me and I am sure at the short change of scene will do us good.
I hope that you have good accounts of Mrs Spencer
I am my dear Spencer
Yours faithfully
A W Howitt

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