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Letter from A. W. Howitt to W. B. Spencer: 1/06/1903

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01.06.1903. From A. W. H. (in Sydney) to B. S. He is forwarding a letter from a Mr. Crawley for B. S. opinion.

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Correspondence with Alfred William Howitt


Letter from A. W. Howitt to W. B. Spencer: 1/06/1903 - Page 1

51 Macleay Street
Potts Point
1 June 1903

My dear Spencer
I received the enclosed letter the other day and have carried it about since thinking over what kind of reply to make. I think that Mr Crawley is thinking of some things in your work rather than in any of mine. Can you say anything? If you can and like to say it I will with pleasure send it in my reply – and of course as coming from you.
I have received a copy of the work he refers to sent to me by Mr Lang and have looked it over, but as yet have not had time to do more. What I have seen shows me that I must without avoidable

Letter from A. W. Howitt to W. B. Spencer: 1/06/1903 - Page 2

delay get my book out. I hope to have this “blessed” Federal sites report done so far as I am concerned in a fortnight and I further hope shall have appended my valuable signature to it (in Melbourne) by the end of the month. I shall then go home and set to work with the intentions of having my book finished by Xmas.
This brings me to the next thing I [. . .] to mention, that I have received an offer from McMillan & Co to publish my book in the “half-profit system” which is very satisfactory. I hope that yours is now quite off your mind and satisfactorily on its way to be published.
Yours faithfully
A W Howitt

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Potts Point
New South Wales

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