Spencer & Gillen

A journey through Aboriginal Australia

Balooch, Guzzie

Cameleer employed in Oodnadatta, S.A., by the Bagot and Marsh saddle-making company (Rajkowski 1987, p. 64). Participated, with MOOSHA BALOOCH, in the Horn Expedition between Oodnadatta, S.A., and the MacDonnell Ranges, N.T., 1894. Their photo is in Stevens 1989, p. 51. Charged with discharging firearms in a public place, with SID KARDEEK, SOWAH BALOOCH and OLRMAR (= OMAR) DELHI, at Hergott Springs (Marree), 1906 (Advertiser 29 Mar p.7). Married ALEEMA, daughter of SID SIDEEK (Rajkowski 1987, p.176).

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Guzzie Balooch
Alternate Names
  • Ghazi Balooch