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Letter from C Winnecke to W B Spencer 07/12/1899

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07.12.1899. From C. Winnecke (Eagle Chamber, ? Melbourne) to B. S. Thanking B. S. for a letter and inviting him to come and stay. C. W. has taken unto himself “ a little wife”.

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Miscellaneous Letters: 1892 – 1979


Letter from C Winnecke to W B Spencer 07/12/1899 - Page 1

Eagle Chambers
Dec 7 1899
My dear Spencer
Very many thanks for your kind letter of the 24th Oct. and also for the invitation to come and put up at your place nothing would have pleased me better but I am afraid I shall be unable to get away to avail myself of your generosity. I have been compelled to stick at my work almost night and day to cope with the rush that has set in this has led to indisposition. I was fairly knocked up for about a week and so far have not been able yet to start my paper on Central Australia which by the way I don’t think will be

Letter from C Winnecke to W B Spencer 07/12/1899 - Page 2

as interesting as I should wish it to be and which I will try and forward to you for inspection
I have since you last visited SA changed my condition by taking unto myself a little wife so when next you visit SA you must come a spend a few days with us I think you will like my old place and the odds and ends you will find there will I think interest you. With best wished & kindest regards
Yours very sincerely
Chas Winnecke
If by any possible chance I should be able to get away I will let you know I should indeed very much wish to meet some of the gentlemen you mention as well as others who may attend the Aso [....]

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