Spencer & Gillen

A journey through Aboriginal Australia

Horn to Spencer 17/4/1894

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17.4.1894. From W. A. Horn (in Adelaide) to B. S. (?), concerning the preparation of materials for the Expedition.

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Correspondence relating to the Horn Expedition to Australia


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The Adelaide Club
17 Ap/94
Dear Mr. Spencer
I am gradually getting things focused here and think we can get a start on the 3 d May.
re photography I am having a small dark tent made one that can be suspended from the branch of a tree like a huge extinguisher about 4 ft in diameter
I am going to take

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a ½ plate camera with rapid rectilinear lens, and glass plates.
You need not bring any rapid plates for your whole plate camera as in bright light up there one can get splendid instantaneous results with the ordinary plates.
Please make your collecting plant as light as is consistent with efficiency as everything has to be carried on camels
Have you ever tried the “Pondeun” developer it is splendid for travelling as it is a one mixture solution and I find gives good results when used even a dozen times it is a mixture of Hydrogeniodide & Evsine, & can be had at Baker & Rones’s
I told Stirling

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to write you to engage Keartland
Believe me
Sincerely ....
W A Horn

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