Spencer & Gillen

A journey through Aboriginal Australia

Letter from FJ Gillen to Brian Gillen


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27th November 1901

My dear Bri & Jack,

What a silly little chap you are Bri this is the second time you have put away your letter to me so that Mother could not find it. I was so disappointed. Your first rate letter came to hand Jack, but I am quite

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Christmas you must not forget to think of me when you are eating your plum pudding. I hope Old Santa Clause will bring you something nice at Christmas. There are no little boys or girls here so Santa Clause does not come to Borroloola. Give my love to Roy & Les I do hope they have passed the Junior Exam. Kiss Mother, Eily & little Spen for me tell the latter that if he is a very good fellow I’ll bring him something pretty.

Much love to you my dear little Sons,

Your affectionate Father,


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sure that dear little Eily is not a clown & surer still that old Bri is not a Hippopotamus. Just fancy little Spen being able to crawl out of bed. Mother should put hobbles on him. Shall I bring home a pair for that purpose? I am glad to hear from dear Mother that you are both doing well at school. I hope Mr. Stephens has put you in the second class Bri I should much like to be there to see the breakup of the school. I hope you will be very very good boys during your holidays and that you will not worry dear Mother by making too much noise. I do so wish I could be with you for

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