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Anthropology Notes: Volume IV. Notes on Habits Customs of Natives

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Volume IV Notes on Habits Customs of Natives F J G 1897


Page 511

Volume IV
Notes on Habits Customs of Natives
FJG 1897

Page 514

Wanderings of Achilpa Column III cont/d frm Vol III

Page 525

Quabara Atnimmalatrarippa of Poara on Western path of Achilpa

Page 527

Quabara Kaakwa (small hawk) Arakutja of Arilya in locality of Glen Helen

Page 529

Notes on Unjitjira Elkintera & Uncheepira of Imanda

Page 533

Wanderings of Ukgnulia or Udnaria Wild dogs

Page 539

Further Notes on Erathippa cont from Vol II

Page 542

Wanderings of Yarumpa (Campanola inflata)

Page 547

Story of the Emaciated Emu Erlea Uchua

Page 550

May 15th 1897 Wanderings of Unjeamba Women

Page 552

Wanderings of Quiurnpa Ulpmerka of Akakia continued from Volume II

Page 556

Churinga Areetna Males

Common name
Fred Ungalla Ilperlerinja
Harry Ungalla
Charlie Ungalla
Narry Apungerta
Jumbo Panunga
King Bulthara Unchalka
Oknerabata Apungerta
Tommy Uknaria
Legrope Purula
Peter Panunga Irritcha
Soloman Bulthara
Tome toe Uknaraia Kutta Kutta
Legs Apungerta Unchalka

Page 560

Note sent to WBS through Mr Ayer Hergott 16/5/97

Page 568

Western wanderings of Yarumpa contd

Page 572

The Udnirringita of the gaps contd

Page 584

Concerning the two women who joined the Ulpmerka at Akakia at Quiurnpa – Instance of changing class & totem

Page 596

Wanderings & adventures of the Ullakupera

Page 616

Ablepharus boulonii Amunga quinyaquinya Fly catching lizard Early alcheringa

Page 617

Ablepharus linto-ocellatus ruficandus Amunga quinyaquinya cont

Page 620

Some further notes on Okira of Undiara

Page 624

Adoption of class & marriage system

Page 625

Adoption of class & marriage system

Page 626

May 1897 Quabara Oruncha of Urtnaquintira near Strangways range

Page 628

Knocking out of Teeth Al-ail-lynga

Page 631

June 5 1897 Quabara Achilpa of Alnyralingnaramunia Column II wanderings Achilpa

Page 635

Notes on Initiatory Ceremonies continued

Page 637

Notes on Initiatory Ceremonies contd

Page 638

Notes on Initiatory Ceremonies contd

Page 640

Notes on Initiatory Ceremonies Continued

Page 641

Notes on Initiatory Ceremonies Continued

Page 642

Notes on Initiatory Ceremonies Continued

Page 654

Unlira illa illima Anointing with fat

Page 656

June 1897 Totem association with particular animals or birds

Page 657

June 1897 Totem association with particular animals or birds

Page 665

Performers Two old men Panunga Echunpa and Panunga Quira brothers The ceremony is the property of the elder brother The father of both was a Quira of Ilparlinja and their sister in blood was one of the women represented in the ceremony. The two performers while decorating now assisted by one Panunga old man and several mulyanuka of the same locality The quabara [?] the [?] women of alchera. Side note on sun. The performers sat facing each other as in photo. The panunga Echunpa who is the elder bro representing the Ungaraitcha woman between his thighs he held an oblong bundle made of grass and hair strings and decorated with circle of undattha in red and white The Ungaraitcha woman from his head long strings made of many strands of fur string and [?] with a [?] rings of red and white undattha with a bunch of peragale tips at the end These were intended to represent the kidneys and fat alnumulyinga of the Quira which is the beast upon women fed - the alnumulyinga is considered a damly morsel - The Quira man represented the Erlia woman and carried on his head a large flat bundle - bush covered with hair string and immilnya - covered all over with a design of red and white circles of undattha This represented the sun in the performance consisted of the usual quivering around and wakutnimauntil performers were stopped by two Ungalla men one of whom [?] the object representing the sun and [???} and then handed it back to the old man who called up one young ungalla man of the locality and pressed it against his stomach while telling him of the sun women.

Page 675

July 4th 1897 Quabara Yarumpa of Ilyaba

Page 680

Lartna as performed by Southern Arunta

Page 702

Quabara Unjeamba (woman) of Parcharta Mt Wells, Performer Batlhara Quirra , Abmoara Ceremony


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