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In answer to this question I find it is necessary to rewrite and add to the notes you took in Melbourne-further Enquiry (guided by your questions) has resulted in the discovery of serious errors- The stones of an Ocknannakilla are at times lent to another corresponding group of the same Ocknannakilla with a view to influencing the growth of the particular animal or plant represented by the Ocknannakilla for example the Udnirringita here will lend some of these stones ( but not all at one time) to another Udnirringita group which may or may not have stones (as a matter of fact all the Udnirringita are supposed to have stones) At the present moment these Udnirringita have lent some of their stones to a group of Udnirringita 80 miles west of here. The locality now Alice Springs is very fertile in the production of the big tree grub Udnirringita The Stones belonging to this group are consequently held in high esteem by all the groups of the Adnovingula - The Stones thus lent are carefully hidden away by the holders within their own circle will be returned after about -----months or so. The local Udnirringita no not make boomerangs the Western group do so in return for the loan of the stones will give the local Udnirringita men through their Alaartunya a certain number of boomerangs- Supposing the Western Udnirringita want to borrow stones from the local group and deputation comes from the Western group (the approach of the deportation is communicated by an advance messanger) and goes to a spot about half a mile away there the old men of the Local - Udnirringita headed by their Alaartunya met

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