Spencer & Gillen

A journey through Aboriginal Australia

Sketch from Francis Gillen papers

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Pencil sketch on large single sheet, one side only. Depicting landscape and drawings of trees and vegetation. Annotations and captions throughout. Two Institutional stamps. A3 size sheet of paper.


Single Sheet

Crags and peaks all over place indicate where local people stood up and watched immigrants arriving.Erlia Cherlitcha Feral [?] The original ochre appears to be glazed over with a sort of varnish only noticeable on close examination
hands one down in red
red and yellow
See photo for correct copy [referring to rock paintings at Emily Gap] Ilkinya at spot where 2 Iwuninga (Big Grub) men sprung up in alcheringa had no women and there are no descendants far back and difficult of access Women going to this spot might conceive but Inuninga did not walk about. Ilkinya at spot where women painted themselves and watched men opposite in the Ilthura making Intitchiuma faint imprint of hands where women rested their hands on rock.
Comprises Ertukwura of Alcheringa
Great cave where women dwelt in alcheringa
Hole in rock face represents mans navel Chilapachila. Deep cleft in rock made by a grub who came under the range from Jessie Gap and emerged here. - Oval stone female grub of alcheringa. 'Cleft in rock Ertnatulinga now used'.
Stones represent men who sat down close by him.
Nanja of Intwa... Stone big dry Intwailiuka St watching Engravi..Big stone indicates spot where the oknirabata Ilporewuna sat down.
These trees sprung up where Ungiwa mob sat down Underground to South
Inluipma mob sat down.

Stones on Eastern side of creek south of gap where southern Party sat down one of whom [damaged paper has obscured text] ancestor Urangara.
Churinga uhuaquaanchima deposited.

Peaks and crags where men stood up watching emigrants coming from other parts. Cave called Ilthura where intitchiuma ceremony begins. Maegwa stone.
Pine tree near which churingha Alchaaqua Unchima are kept for Intitchiuma ceremony. + Ilthura oknirra.
Here in the alcheringa Intwailiuka made Intitchiuma large stone just inside cave represents Alcheringa man making intitchiuma Maegwa.
Steep rock up and down which men run and alartunja casts Uchaaquaa 2nd act intitchiuma. Alknalinta.
Hole through point of spur pierced by Intwailiuka to represent hole in noses.
I have now place the 1st act of Intitchiuma ceremony party visit this Ilthura and after enter ceremonies return to [unclear] the alartunja rubbing stone inside with a churinga unchima sings to descends to creek under sloping rock Aldnalinta all men except the alartunja run up and down the stone while he throws up unchima which which are gathered up again as they roll back.
Clefts in rock made by Intwailuka for Ertnatulinga.
Pitcher shaped stone jammed in cleft in the Pitcher of Intwailiuka deposited in this spot by him when Ulathirka mob coming.
Great black stones sprung up where Ulathirka mob were stopped by Intwailiuka who subsequently led them to the Ithura.
Nanja trees of various people.
Lilieipma mob.

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