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Letter from Spencer to Howitt


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Aug 17.06

My dear Howitt,

My time was too fully occupied today until I reached home to go through you Folk Lore paper again. It is conclusive and convincing & no wonder that our mutual friend (?) is alarmed & distressed.

But really his letter to the papers is utterly inadequate & for the sake of putting matters on a proper footing you really must publish all of your critique otherwise we shall be no better off & the public will think that he is justified in what he has written! I can only tackle him on a matter of 'guess-work' or

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theory - i.e. as to what is a primitive belief & what is not - but you can criticize him from the point of view of facts - not to say gross misquotations.

The Lord hath delivered him into your hands as Wilberforce was delivered into those of Huxley & as the latter smote hard & accomplished much so must you.

I wish I could get some nor will it be until this teacher's registration business is done with when doubtless something else will arise to block the way.

Yours very sincerely

W. Baldwin Spencer

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