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Honey Ant, Camponotus inflatus, yarumpa, yerramp


Yarumpa A (FJG; 1899) Name of the honey-ant (Camponotus spp.) which gives its name to a totem (1899; 1904). Yerrampe. Honey ant; the sweet nectar found in the swollen abdomen of the honey ant (people suck this out from the ant’s abdomen). This is a complex form composed of yerre, the general term for ants, and -ampe meaning ‘honey, nectar belonging to’ and so literally means ‘the honey/ nectar belonging to the ant’. (Wilkins)

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Totem Details

Common Name
Honey Ant
Scientific Name
Camponotus inflatus
Arrernte Name
Unmatjera Name
Alternative Spellings
  • yarumpa