Spencer & Gillen

A journey through Aboriginal Australia

21 miles W.N.W. of camp 18, on Finke River, Northern Territory


Saturday, May 26th. — Camp No. 19, Finke river; bar. 28*94in., ther. 48°; height above sea level 944ft. Started early, consequent upon my intention to make Henbury Station to-night.Crossing the Finke immediately after leaving our camp, on a bearing of 327°, across red sandridges covered with porcupine, we reached the junction of Palmer and Finke rivers at two and three-quarter miles. A fair sized and rather deep waterhole marks the confluence of these rivers. We continued, on a bearing of 343°, over red sand-ridges and river flats, the latter being fairly well grassed. When one mile and a half had been completed, and again at the end of three and three-quarter miles, we crossed the Finke river. At four and three-quarter miles we altered our course to 3 1 5° for two and a quarter miles, and to 313° 30' for the subsequent two and a quarter miles, across porcupine sandhills, to a low stony rise. From this ascent I obtained an extensive view of the valley of the Finke river, and could trace the tortuous course which this stream here pursues. Low hills are observable in all directions. Resuming then our journey on a bearing of 318° 20' across a level and splendidly-grassed plain, on which a few patches of stones occur at intervals, we, at three and a half miles, four and a half miles, and four and three-quarter miles, crossed the three small gum creeks. At five and a half miles we met Mr. E. W. Parke, who, after welcoming the party very kindly, offered us the use of his head station. At sundown, having travelled eight and a quarter miles on the last bearing, we camped on the Finke river, near Henbury Station, having made, in all, a stage of twenty and a half miles, the last three miles having been a repetition of sandhills and porcupine. I was employed until midnight with my astronomical observations.

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21 miles W.N.W. of camp 18, on Finke River
Northern Territory


  • Horn Expedition 1894