Spencer & Gillen

A journey through Aboriginal Australia

Alambo Well, Northern Territory


Friday, July 20th […] Passing through a wide opening in the northern ridge on a bearing of 1 90° we arrived at the Deep Well (196ft.), Alambo, in two and three-quarter miles. A Mr. Hayes has located himself here and erected yards, troughs, and a log hut. After refilling our kegs we continued on a bearing of 134° for three-quarters of a mile, to where abundant feed existed for the camels and horses, and camped. I observed until midnight in order to ascertain the correct position of the well. Saturday, July 21st. — Camp No. 53, Alambo; bar. 2859in., ther. 25°, height 1,293ft., lat. 24' 21' 58" S. Being short of fresh meat I purchased a goat from Mr. Hayes this morning. Course 167° 30' over porcupine sandhills timbered with casuarina and grassy flats. At two and a half miles the sandhills cease and low scrubby undulations covered with limestone rubble commence. At four miles we altered the course to 150° 30', crossing at two miles a small gum creek, which I presume to be Alice Creek. (Journal of the Horn scientific exploring expedition, 1894 by C. Winnecke)

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Alambo Well
Northern Territory


  • Horn Expedition 1894