Spencer & Gillen

A journey through Aboriginal Australia

Mount Watt, Northern Territory


Camp 14 on the Horn Expedition (Sunday, May 20th). "At dawn I set about getting the camels in readiness for the day's journey. A frugal breakfast, dictated by necessity, as we are now almost destitute of food, was disposed of before sunrise, and after packing up we ascended the hill at 7 a.m. There Mr. Watt soon discovered numerous (Lower Silurian) fossils, and urgently requested sufficient time to enable him to make a thorough examination of this important hill, which is composed of quartzite, and from which I obtained an extensive and far-reaching view. [...] Whilst Mr. Watt was engaged in collecting fossils I made a complete contour survey of this hill, which I have named Mount Watt, after my companion.(Journal of Horn Scientific Exploring Expedition 1894 by C. Winnecke)

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Mount Watt
Northern Territory


  • Horn Expedition 1894