Spencer & Gillen

A journey through Aboriginal Australia

Indiakata Waterhole, South Australia


Friday, May 11th.— Camp No. 6 ; bar. 29*57in., ther. 37°. The Afghans reported that a strange camel had joined the mob during the night. I found the animal to be in a crippled condition, having large holes in the soles of its feet, due to the stony nature of the country ; it was bleeding profusely, and could barely limp into camp. An early departure was made from this wretched place. At five miles we arrived at Blood's Creek store. Here I purchased a riding saddle to replace an old one supplied at Oodna- datta. At 3:30 p.m. we camped near a large rain water hole in the Adminga Creek, called Indiakata, having travelled seventeen miles.

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Specific Location
Indiakata Waterhole
South Australia


  • Horn Expedition 1894