Spencer & Gillen

A journey through Aboriginal Australia

Metrilligan Warterhole, South Australia


Camp no. 3 May 7-8 Horn Expedition. On the Stevenson Creek. "Monday, May 7th.— Camp No. 2; bar. 29'84in., ther 33°, wind S.E. This morning we were upon the road somewhat earlier than usual. For eight miles to the Macumba river there was no change in the character of the country from the stony arid plains which made travelling yesterday so monotonous and unpromising. Following then the course of the Stevenson Creek for ten miles we came to a large rain water hole, called Metrilligan by the natives. Here we camped, and found in the neighborhood a few semi- civilised examples of the aboriginals — the first seen. The camels' defects are more evident than ever to-day, and it is questionable whether I can complete the trip with them, except at a distressingly slow pace." (Journal of the Horn scientific exploring expedition, 1894: 6)

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Metrilligan Warterhole
South Australia
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  • Horn Expedition 1894